Rules, Major/Minor Mosquito Tournament, 2016 (Oakridge Baseball)

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Oakridge Minor/Major Mosquito A and below Tournament July 22, 23 & 24th, 2016 

1. All teams must provide an OBA roster number or SOBA roster to the Tournament Convenor before their first game.

2. Home team will be decided before each round-robin game by a coin toss. The team, that has traveled the greatest distance, will call the coin toss.  Home team in playoffs will be the team that placed higher in the round robin. 

3. The home team will be the official scorekeeper. Visitors are official pitch counters.  i.e. The Home Team will be the Official Scorekeeper and inform the Home Plate umpire who on the visiting team is the “Official Pitch Counter” for both teams prior to the start of the game.  Pitch Counts of the “Official Pitch Counter” will be the only numbers used by the Umpires during a game regardless of what numbers (Pitch Counts) any coach or spectator may have – no appeal or protest of the numbers recorded will be permitted.

  Note: It is recommended that coaches check the Pitch Count of a pitcher as recorded by the “Official Pitch Counter” at the conclusion of each inning.   All OBA pitching rules will be strictly enforced as found in your handbooks.

4. A curfew of 1 hour and 45 min. will be in effect from the 1st pitch for all round-robin games.
I.e. No new inning is to start after that time 

Semi finals will have a two hour limit (for a new Inning to start).  Finals - no time limit. Mercy rules still apply to all.

5. There is to be no infield practice before any games.

6. OBA constitution and OBA pitching rules will be used. (please review prior to the tournament)

7. The 10 run mercy rule will apply to all games after five innings (4 ½ if home team  leads). We will also apply the 18 run mercy rule after three or four innings (3 ½ or 4 ½ for home team)

8. All round robin games will be tabulated as follows:  Win = 2 pts.   Ties = 1 pts.   Loss = 0 pts. 
9. Any ties in standings after the round robin will be broken in this order*:  

OBA rule P7-3(t)(u)  t) In tournaments where tie breaking rules are required, the following tie breaking rules will be used for each placement independently:

  i. head to head record among tied teams;
  ii. team with the smallest runs against ratio (runs allowed / number of defensive innings played) in games among tied teams;
  iii. team with the smallest runs against ratio (runs allowed / number of defensive innings played) in all games;
  iv. team with the highest runs for ratio (runs scored / number of offensive innings played) in games among tied teams;
  v. team with the highest runs for ratio ( runs scored / number of offensive innings played) in all games;
  vi. coin toss

   u) When there are 3 or more teams tied, the tiebreakers will commence at 7.3(t)(ii). After the winner of that tie breaker is determined, the tiebreakers will continue, if necessary, at 7.3(t)(ii) as long as there are 3 or more teams tied. When only 2 teams remain, the tiebreaker will start at 7.3(t)(i).  

10. All valid protests and rule interpretations will be ruled upon at that time by the on-site tournament Convenor and play will continue after. Such rulings will be final.

11. In the case that rain occurs causing scheduling problems, the tournament   Committee reserves the right to alter the tournament and playoff format.

12. Trophies shall be awarded to players only with a maximum of 15 per team. 

13 Ejected team officials will be subject to the minimum suspension rules found in the OBA handbook. Additional suspensions may apply as determined by the umpires. Suspensions will be reported to the OBA and the team’s home Association.

  Team officials are responsible for the behavior of their parent group. This includes the rules against consumption of alcohol in City parks.

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