Schedule & Results, Major/Minor Mosquito Tournament, 2016 (Oakridge Baseball)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, July 22, 2016
Major AMajor A 13:00 PMByron #1 Stratford Indians1-8Wyoming Wranglers
MinMos 3Minor 14:00 PMOakUpper Woodstock Wranglers17-5Wyoming Wranglers
MinMos 2Minor 24:00 PMOak Lwr Waterloo Tigers T22-10London West Tincaps
MinMos 1Minor 34:00 PMHazelden Kitchener Panthers T26-4North London Nationals
MinMos 2Minor 45:00 PMByron #1 Halton Hills Eagles T210-3Ancaster Diamondbacks
MinMos 1Minor 55:00 PMByron #2 St. Catharines Cobras6-16Clarington Orioles
Major AMajor A 26:00 PMOakUpper St. Catharines Cobras5-12London West Tincaps
Major BMajor B 16:00 PMOak Lwr London West Tincaps Select8-6Dundas Tigers
MinMos 3Minor 66:00 PMHazelden Essex Yellowjackets 3-9Whitby Chiefs T2
Major AMajor A 37:00 PMByron #1 Lasalle Titans Green9-1Ancaster Diamondbacks
Major BMajor B 27:00 PMByron #2 Soo Black Sox2-12Quinte Royals
Saturday, July 23, 2016
MinMos 1Minor 109:00 AMByron #1 St. Catharines Cobras11-1North London Nationals
MinMos 3Minor 119:00 AMByron #2 Essex Yellowjackets 4-16Woodstock Wranglers
MinMos 2Minor 79:00 AMOakUpper Ancaster Diamondbacks10-15London West Tincaps
MinMos 1Minor 89:00 AMOak Lwr Clarington Orioles5-6Kitchener Panthers T2
MinMos 2Minor 99:00 AMHazelden Halton Hills Eagles T211-7Waterloo Tigers T2
Major AMajor A 411:00 AMOakUpper Stratford Indians9-12London West Tincaps
Major AMajor A 511:00 AMHazelden Lasalle Titans Green7-18Wyoming Wranglers
Major AMajor A 611:00 AMByron #1 St. Catharines Cobras19-1Ancaster Diamondbacks
Major BMajor B 311:00 AMByron #2 Quinte Royals12-4Dundas Tigers
MinMos 3Minor 1211:00 AMOak Lwr Wyoming Wranglers12-3Whitby Chiefs T2
Major BMajor B 41:00 PMOak Lwr Soo Black Sox18-8London West Tincaps Select
MinMos 2Minor 131:00 PMOakUpper Halton Hills Eagles T29-14London West Tincaps
MinMos 1Minor 141:00 PMHazelden Clarington Orioles12-11North London Nationals
MinMos 2Minor 151:00 PMByron #1 Ancaster Diamondbacks8-16Waterloo Tigers T2
MinMos 1Minor 161:00 PMByron #2 St. Catharines Cobras8-9Kitchener Panthers T2
Major AMajor A 73:00 PMHazelden Stratford Indians14-4Ancaster Diamondbacks
Major AMajor A 83:00 PMByron #1 St. Catharines Cobras4-5Wyoming Wranglers
MinMos 3Minor 173:00 PMOakUpper Whitby Chiefs T24-5Woodstock Wranglers
MinMos 3Minor 183:00 PMOak Lwr Wyoming Wranglers17-11Essex Yellowjackets
Major AMajor A 95:00 PMOakUpper Lasalle Titans Green1-12London West Tincaps
Major BMajor B 55:00 PMOak Lwr Soo Black Sox19-2Dundas Tigers
Major BMajor B 65:00 PMHazelden London West Tincaps Select15-6Quinte Royals
Sunday, July 24, 2016
MinMos ChMinor Semi 19:00 AMOakUpper Clarington Orioles7-8Woodstock Wranglers
MinMos ChMinor Semi 29:00 AMOak Lwr London West Tincaps1-6Kitchener Panthers T2
Major B ChMajor B Final10:00 AMHazelden Soo Black Sox13-5Quinte Royals
Maj A ChMajor A Semi 111:00 AMOakUpper Stratford Indians4-16Wyoming Wranglers
Maj A ChMajor A Semi 211:00 AMOak Lwr St. Catharines Cobras3-13London West Tincaps
MinMos ChMinor Final1:00 PMOak Lwr Kitchener Panthers T211-12Woodstock Wranglers
Maj A ChMajor A Final2:00 PMOakUpper London West Tincaps9-2Wyoming Wranglers
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