Schedule & Results, Bob Stark Rookieball Tournament, 2018 (Oakridge Baseball)

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Friday, July 6, 2018
Major-13:00 PMOakUpper Port Lambton Pirates1-17London West Tincaps
Major-23:00 PMOakLower Waterloo Tigers T20-15St. Thomas Cardinals
Major-25:00 PMOakUpper Kitchener Panthers T26-18Belle River Braves
Major-15:00 PMOakLower Whitby Chiefs T33-18Halton Hills Eagles
Major-15:00 PMByron #1 Guelph Royals T215-7North London Nationals
Major-25:00 PMByron #2 Niagara Falls Falcons24-0Wyoming Wranglers
Saturday, July 7, 2018
Minor-28:00 AMOakUpper Tecumseh Rangers6-14Guelph Royals
Minor-18:00 AMOakLower Brantford Red Sox17-3London West Tincaps
Minor-18:00 AMByron #1 Belle River Braves2-14Milton Mets
Minor-28:00 AMByron #2 Georgina Bulldogs1-12Waterloo Tigers
Minor-410:00 AMOakUpper Cambridge Cubs T22-26LaSalle Titans
Minor-310:00 AMOakLower Pickering Red Sox 4-22St Thomas Cardinals
Minor-310:00 AMHazelden Oshawa Legionaires0-18Kitchener Panthers T2
Major-110:00 AMByron #1 Guelph Royals T216-16Halton Hills Eagles
Minor-410:00 AMByron #2 Sarnia Braves6-21Leaside Leafs
Major-112:00 PMOakUpper Whitby Chiefs T30-6London West Tincaps
Major-112:00 PMOakLower Port Lambton Pirates8-17North London Nationals
Major-212:00 PMHazelden Waterloo Tigers T212-9Wyoming Wranglers
Major-212:00 PMByron #1 Niagara Falls Falcons21-13Belle River Braves
Major-212:00 PMByron #2 Kitchener Panthers T21-11St. Thomas Cardinals
Minor-22:00 PMOakUpper Tecumseh Rangers19-10Waterloo Tigers
Minor-12:00 PMOakLower Belle River Braves14-15London West Tincaps
Minor-32:00 PMHazelden Pickering Red Sox 5-21Kitchener Panthers T2
Minor-12:00 PMByron #1 Brantford Red Sox13-12Milton Mets
Minor-22:00 PMByron #2 Georgina Bulldogs1-19Guelph Royals
Major C Ch4:00 PMOakUpper Port Lambton Pirates4-12Kitchener Panthers T2
Minor-44:00 PMOakLower Sarnia Braves12-18LaSalle Titans
Major C Ch4:00 PMHazelden Wyoming Wranglers4-15Whitby Chiefs T3
Minor-34:00 PMByron #1 Oshawa Legionaires1-24St Thomas Cardinals
Minor-44:00 PMByron #2 Cambridge Cubs T20-21Leaside Leafs
Major A Ch6:00 PMOakUpper Guelph Royals T211-12St. Thomas Cardinals
Major A Ch6:00 PMOakLower Niagara Falls Falcons16-5London West Tincaps
Major B Ch6:00 PMHazelden Belle River Braves4-15Halton Hills Eagles
Major B Ch6:00 PMByron #1 North London Nationals 6-7Waterloo Tigers T2
Sunday, July 8, 2018
Minor-D Ch9:00 AMOakUpper Georgina Bulldogs7-28Belle River Braves
Minor-C Ch9:00 AMOakLower Waterloo Tigers15-6London West Tincaps
Major C Ch9:00 AMHazelden Kitchener Panthers T26-12Whitby Chiefs T3
Minor-C Ch9:00 AMByron #1 Sarnia Braves4-22Pickering Red Sox
Minor-D Ch9:00 AMByron #2 Cambridge Cubs T219-1Oshawa Legionaires
Minor-A Ch11:00 AMOakUpper Guelph Royals4-9Brantford Red Sox
Minor-B Ch11:00 AMOakLower Tecumseh Rangers7-11Milton Mets
Major B Ch11:00 AMHazelden Waterloo Tigers T25-14Halton Hills Eagles
Minor-A Ch11:00 AMByron #1 Leaside Leafs13-0Kitchener Panthers T2
Minor-B Ch11:00 AMByron #2 LaSalle Titans10-19St Thomas Cardinals
Major A Ch1:00 PMOakUpper St. Thomas Cardinals11-12Niagara Falls Falcons
Minor-C Ch1:00 PMOakLower Pickering Red Sox 3-15Waterloo Tigers
Minor-D Ch1:00 PMHazelden Cambridge Cubs T26-19Belle River Braves
Minor-A Ch3:00 PMOakUpper Leaside Leafs7-15Brantford Red Sox
Minor-B Ch3:00 PMOakLower St Thomas Cardinals17-2Milton Mets
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