Minor Mosquito, Divisions, Mosquito Tournament, 2019 (Oakridge Baseball)

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Minor Mosquito
Group Schedule & Results
DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, July 19, 2019
Min Div 13:00 PMOakUpper Milton Mets T27-7London West Tincaps
Min Div 13:00 PMByron #1 Tecumseh Rangers1-4Waterloo Tigers T2 Gold
Min Div 13:00 PMByron #2 Bradford Storm0-13St. Thomas Cardinals
Min Div 23:00 PMOakLower Waterloo Tigers T2 Black6-10Dorchester Diamondbacks
Min Div 25:30 PMHazelden Belle River Braves20-7Newmarket Hawks
Min Div 26:00 PMOakLower Oshawa Legionaires0-9Sarnia Braves
Saturday, July 20, 2019
Min Div 19:00 AMOakUpper Bradford Storm2-2London West Tincaps
Min Div 29:00 AMOakLower Waterloo Tigers T2 Black13-7Newmarket Hawks
Min Div 19:00 AMByron #1 Milton Mets T21-15Waterloo Tigers T2 Gold
Min Div 29:00 AMByron #2 Oshawa Legionaires3-14Dorchester Diamondbacks
Min Div 211:00 AMHazelden Belle River Braves4-13Sarnia Braves
Min Div 111:00 AMByron #1 Tecumseh Rangers11-15St. Thomas Cardinals
Min Div 21:00 PMOakLower Oshawa Legionaires4-10Newmarket Hawks
Min Div 11:00 PMOakUpper Bradford Storm8-9Waterloo Tigers T2 Gold
Min Div 13:00 PMOakLower Tecumseh Rangers22-16London West Tincaps
Min Div 23:00 PMByron #1 Waterloo Tigers T2 Black8-3Sarnia Braves
Min Div 13:00 PMByron #2 Milton Mets T24-20St. Thomas Cardinals
Min Div 23:00 PMHazelden Belle River Braves2-9Dorchester Diamondbacks
Sunday, July 21, 2019
Min Champ.Minor Champ. Semi 19:00 AMByron #1 Waterloo Tigers T2 Black6-3Waterloo Tigers T2 Gold
Min Champ.Minor Champ. Semi 29:00 AMByron #2 St. Thomas Cardinals2-8Dorchester Diamondbacks
Min Cons.Minor Cons. Semi 19:00 AMOakLower Belle River Braves8-9Tecumseh Rangers
Min Cons.Minor Cons. Semi 29:00 AMOakUpper London West Tincaps 4-16Sarnia Braves
Minor Ex.Minor Ex. Game 110:00 AMHazelden Newmarket Hawks21-8Bradford Storm
Minor Ex.Minor Ex. Game 211:00 AMByron #1 Oshawa Legionaires12-4Milton Mets T2
Min Champ.Minor Ch Final1:00 PMOakUpper Dorchester Diamondbacks 17-2Waterloo Tigers T2 Black
Min Cons.Minor Cons. Final1:00 PMOakLower Tecumseh Rangers11-13Sarnia Braves
Venue(s) In This Schedule
  • Byron #1 - Byron Optimist Park #1, 676 Boler Rd., London, ON
  • Byron #2 - Byron Optimist Park #2, 676 Boler Rd., London , ON
  • Hazelden - Hazelden Park , 430 Hyde Park Rd., London , ON
  • OakLower - Oakridge Optimist Lower, 825 Valetta St., London , ON
  • OakUpper - Oakridge Optimist Upper, 825 Valetta St., London , ON

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